The award-winning creative visionaries at Reset Urban Design believe change is good & diversity is great.

They have enlisted the help of The Plant People to give their Hurstmere Road office a visual boost with a lush selection of indoor plants.

Three Benefits of Indoor Plants

1. Breathe Easier

Famously researched by NASA as a means of improving living conditions aboard their space stations, indoor plants have been proven to provide a healthier air quality by removing certain toxins and releasing oxygen back into the air we breathe.

2. Pay Attention!

Research has also linked indoor plants to a more productive working environment. England’s Royal College of Agriculture produced a study that showed attentiveness had increased by 70% among students where indoor plants were in use. An increase in attendance was also noted.

3. De-stress

Having plants in a workplace, home or school is beneficial for people’s mood and general well-being. Studies have shown the positive impacts of plants include:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Lower blood pressure

You can read more about the therapeutic benefits of indoor plants over at in their article Plants make you feel better.

It’s easy to see why when you view the transformation The Plant People achieved at Reset. The bright colours of the pots and the eye-pleasing shapes of the plants combine to elevate the office space to a new level.

Fast & Efficient Indoor Plant Hire Service

The Plant People’s Indoor Plant Hire team of two arrived on site at Reset Urban Design at 8:00 am. Within a few short hours they had ferried over 20 pots, plants bark and materials up a flight of stairs, assembled the plants with their toppings and staged them around the 140m2 open plan office space. All while Reset’s urban designers continued their work, uninterrupted.

The indoor plants and their pots ranged in size and shape to bring a different kind of diversity to Reset Urban Design.

The selection of indoor plants featured the ever-popular kentia palm and peace lily, monstera (also known as the Swiss cheese plant) as well as a range of tropical African house plants including a variety of fig species.


With the installation complete, The Plant People will return every fortnight to maintain Reset’s new indoor plants. Their service includes a health check, watering and feeding with liquid fertiliser. The toppings – bark or moss – are checked and topped-up if necessary. Pest and disease control is carried out where required.

Could your office use a reset?

Contact The Plant People’s Indoor Plant Hire division today to discover how they can bring a healthier, happier dimension to your workplace. Our team services the greater Auckland region.

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