Health & Safety

Committed to a safer working environment

Due to a comprehensive understanding and commitment to Health & Safety, The Plant People have met secondary level for ACC Workplace Safety Management practices. We are currently working towards obtaining tertiary level status.

The Plant People are Gold Card members of Site Safe.

The Plant People have also achieved Pre Qualified under the Impac Prequal System.

acc workplace safety management

ISO 45001 Certified

The Plant People strives towards best practice in all of our work, especially with regards to health and safety. The awarding of ISO 45001 demonstrates that The Plant People promotes a safe and healthy working environment:

  • Identify and control health and safety risks.
  • Reduce the potential for accidents.
  • Improve overall performance.

We are a PREQUAL Organisation

We have completed the PREQUAL Contractor assessment and prequalification process. This means:

  • Our health & safety policies, practices and procedures have been independently assessed
  • Our insurances have been verified and we’re committed to keeping them current
  • We recognise the value and importance of contractor pre-qualification in cooperation with clients and other contractors
  • We meet the requirements of our clients who require us to have completed the PREQUAL assessment we take the health and safety of our people seriously
  • We are committed to doing the right thing