Contract Spraying

We are available for all contract spraying requirements, including; gorse control, broadleaf lawn spraying, large area spraying, road edge spraying and noxious weed control.


Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration is a complex process of reverting a degraded, damaged or destroyed natural habitats and reviving the ecosystem services that the original system provided.


Revegetation Planting

Our specialist environmental team provide high-quality revegetation to Council and organisations which require the planting of New Zealand native plants in areas where currently no bush exists.


Contract Mowing

The Plant People provide a complete lawn care service from edging to broad acre mowing, utilising a range of equipment to suit the terrain and customer requirements.


Contract Growing

Signature Plants are ideally located, attracting ample sunshine hours with a natural shelter belt. Providing a contract growing service for project requiring ecological specific individuals.


Signature Plants

Signature Plants, a division of The Plant People, was founded 11+ years ago and now has two nurseries located at Dairy Flat and Oratia, Waitakere City.



The Plant People's Nursery division encompasses two Auckland-based wholesale nurseries that support our Contract Growing and Indoor Plant Hire services.


Civil Construction

Our Civil Construction team carry out all machinery works on our construction and installation projects for foot bridges, stormwater ponds and rain gardens.