Stormwater Ponds & Raingardens

Design and Construction

The Plant People’s Auckland team offer extensive experience and expertise in the researchdesign and construction of stormwater ponds and raingardens for the region’s developments.

Working closely with our clients and Council we construct stormwater systemswhich manage water flows to prevent flooding, and minimise the contamination of nearby natural water systems from run off.

With large areas of Auckland covered by significant freshwater ecological areas under the Unitary Plan it is beneficial to create stormwater ponds with high ecological function. We work with ecologists to ensure that the stormwater systems we create also provide additional ecological benefits.

Streams, estuaries and eventually our marine environments are at risk of pollution from hard metals and silt resulting from the upward curve of developments across the greater Auckland region. The Plant People provide sustainable and cost effective stormwater detention solutions, using innovative materials and an eye on the future.

Recent Stormwater Ponds & Raingardens Projects: