Wetland storm water management systems play a huge role in today’s subdivision process. They are designed to slow the flow of water in addition to filtering pollutants which accumulate in suburban catchments.  One of the main factors that affect how successful a wetland is at removing pollutants from the water is the plants. The Plant People’s landscaping teams are experts in planting wetlands, delivering stunning man-made wetlands across New Zealand.

The process starts with producing the plants at our sister company Signature Plants. We are able to guarantee plants are locally eco-sourced from specific ecological regions. Collecting and propagating plants which are already adapted to local conditions greatly improves the survival rate from planting to an establishment. In addition to Signature Plants, we source plants from several other high-quality nurseries. This ensures that the plants are of the highest quality on arrival.

Our experienced Landscape manager works closely with the teams and understands the importance of swift delivery, ensuring the time between plants leaving the nursery and being planted is minimised. Skilled at planting both in offline and online wetlands our landscapers’ follow best practice to ensure maximum plant survival. Various controls are put in place to reduce the effect of weeds and pests during the establishment phase. Once the landscape team has finished, care of the wetland is handed over to our maintenance team who guarantee the plants achieve their full potential.

Occasionally best-laid plans can falter. We are beginning to see more unpredictable and extreme weather patterns, causing fluctuation to wetland water levels, a drop in water level can lead to issues, such as unsightly algae growth.  In these situations, we are able to consult our sister company Clean Stream Systems who’s expertise can identify any ecological and environmental solutions. Clean Stream Systems have various technologies which can further enhance wetland services.

The combination of years of experience and collaboration with our sister companies, The Plant People are leaders in wetland planting and are perfectly placed deliver high performing wetlands on subdivisions throughout New Zealand.