Latest News & Projects

Bridge Construction at Ravenswood Development

The Plant People’s Christchurch division have a number of bridge construction projects underway at Ravenswood Commercial Subdivision in North Canterbury.

Playground Construction for Totara Subdivision

Ngahau – it means fun – the simple, carefree word that provided the inspiration for this playground constructed in the new residential development at Totara Heights.

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New Team Members – Environmental Team

Two new team members have come on board for the environmental team. Sophie and Sarah’s extensive volunteering and work based skill set will allow the team to progress and move forward in [...]

Long Bay Communities Project

The Plant People have built a strong relationship with Todd Properties over the last few years which has allowed us to extend our works with the Long Bay Communities Project. The extent of [...]

Taking To The Skies

We are always looking for new ways to show case the work we delivery here at The Plant People. We recently enlisted the help from Hoverfly to help us to capture some of our larger [...]

Creating Best Practice in the Landscape sector

We all talk about “delivering best practices” and “working to best practices” but is that enough? Surely we should be striving to achieve higher levels?

Wetland Planting

Wetland storm water management systems play a huge role in today’s subdivision process. They are designed to slow the flow of water in addition to filtering pollutants which accumulate in suburban catchments.

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Lynfield College sports fields and grounds maintenance

It’s already been a great start to 2017. Our landscape maintenance team have been informed that we have been awarded the contract to maintain Lynfield College sport fields and surrounding grounds.

The Plant People have been awarded ISO 18001

We strive towards best practise in all of our work. We are excited to announce that The Plant People’s commitment to Health and Safety has been recognised through the attainment of ISO 18001.

Entrance Landscaping

The entrance to your business is an important aspect; it’s the first sight your customers or clients see of you. The Plant People are here to help.

Celebrating a Successful Year: 2016

What a year 2016 has been! For The Plant People it has been incredibly positive. Our landscape teams have delivered some incredible projects.

Landscape maintenance: Hobsonville Coastal Walkway

The Plant People's landscape maintenance team are experts at assisting in landscaping projects and ensuring they embody the designers' intended vision. A prime example can be seen with the Hobsonville Coastal Walkway.