The Plant People gathered together at Auckland’s Alexandra Park, Lyell Creek Lounge, to celebrate the launch of our new culture and values, on June 23, 2021.

These new values document our commitment to our people, communities and the environment. To mark this special occasion, our management team awarded a plaque representing each of our core values to deserving team members throughout our workforce.

Our Auckland whanau were joined via video conference by the wonderful people from our Christchurch team.

Core Values

  • People Come First
  • Vision Into Reality
  • Success Together
  • Better Environments and Communities

Award Winners


People Come First Award

Jack Anderson (Construction Team)

This is the story of a team member who shows, every day, that People Come First for him. He goes out of his way, every day, to look after the wellbeing and safety of his workmates and grow their skills. His special power is teaching his workmates how to use our equipment and tools.

This guy is one of the few TC people for 75% of the tools. He spends countless hours training the Construction team in using our tools and equipment. Incredibly, he also puts many hours into training people from other divisions on how to safely use the broad range of equipment we use daily. On top of that he spends a big part of his day to complete the paperwork for these competencies. As a result, he works late to ensure his other work commitments don’t suffer. He does it all with a smile on his face while giving each person the time they need to ensure they can work safely and effectively.


Vision into Reality Award

Daniel Thomson (Commercial Horticulture Team)

Recently, one of our Clients had arranged show homes for the coming weekend. On Thursday afternoon he noticed there were dead patches of grass around one of the properties. Immediately the Client asked our guy if we could fix the lawn before the open homes. Our man realised he couldn’t get lawn in time from our usual suppliers. He knew how important this was to the Client and decided to go the extra mile to make the Client’s Vision a Reality. He dropped all his other work and drove down to Te Kawhata to fetch the ready lawn. He got back and installed the lawn for the client. More than that, on Saturday morning he visited the Client’s site to water the lawn to ensure that the show homes were a success for the client.


Success Together Award

Chris Tohi and Christchurch Team

This Person has done an amazing job of nurturing and supporting his team through a very difficult time. He and his team show us what Success Together really means.

After the restructure in Christchurch mid last year, Chris found himself the senior person in Christchurch and leading a smaller team that was maybe a little shell shocked after the reduction in their numbers. Chris has worked hard for his teammates, helped them be organised and efficient and helped the Christchurch team succeed through a very difficult time. His work has rebuilt the Christchurch operation so it has a positive future. This Award recognises not only Chris’ efforts but the work of everyone in the Christchurch Team.


Better Environments and Communities Award

Callum Hughes (Commercial Horticulture Team)

This award is for someone who has been recognised by our community for the contribution he made. His story shows how the community values what we do for them and the environment we all inhabit.

This person needed support for his visa application. When one of our clients found out about this person’s situation, they immediately offered him a letter to support his application. In the clients’ own words “(allowing this Visa application) …is imperative to the continued overall level of residents pride and contentment with the community they are a part of.”

It shows how important the work that all of us do is to our communities.