People Come First

We care for each other

  • We show respect to everyone
  • We look after each other’s wellbeing
  • We live by our H&S Rules

We involve, empower and grow our people

  • We involve, empower and grow our people

We have fun together

  • We enjoy each other’s company
  • We celebrate and reward success


A recognised symbol of Aotearoa, the Pōhutukawa stamens represent our people

Vision Into Reality

We embrace your vision

  • We listen, add our expertise, then commit to a shared plan

We are easy to work with

  • We’re great communicators and problem solvers

We deliver on our promises

  • We deliver in full, on time, to specification
  • We fix it if we get it wrong


Aotearoa’s living giant of the bush, it can observe all that surrounds it

Success Together

We take pride in our work

  • We talk about excellence and try for our personal best every day
  • We look after our equipment and assets

We work hard for each other

  • We share resources and help each other succeed

We’re organised, efficient & innovative

  • We plan each day carefully, keep it simple and move at pace
  • We fully utilise our resources and waste nothing
  • We are solution focused and are always looking for a better way


A stubborn survivor, Pūriri’s features are representative of diversity, persistence and inner strength

Better Environments & Communities

We work for a better environmental legacy

  • We recycle and minimise our environmental impact
  • We clean up our environment

We grow our community

  • We support our communities and community organisations


The Kowhai’s leaves are our symbol for the environment, while our community is symbolised by its flowers