Due to continued growth, The Plant People have recognised the need to develop a better yard layout.

To create the best use of available space, we’ve reached out to The Plant People staff. These are the people who use the area most frequently. Their experience of using the yard make their ideas for redesigning its layout most valuable.

Over many years, our team has swelled to more than 90 full-time staff. Our service offering has evolved significantly. As we’ve grown and become more diversified, our fleet of vehicles has built up to include everything from vans, trailers, ride-on mowers to excavators and six-wheeler trucks. The demand for space at our Otahuhu yard has steadily increased. The flow of traffic resembles organised chaos.

It’s time to get organised.

The goal is to open up more parking spaces, allow better access to storage areas and develop a smart traffic management system that offers an improved flow of vehicles in and around our yard. Creating a safer workplace for pedestrian traffic is also a critical point.

During the spring of 2019, The Plant People launched an internal competition for redesigning our yard. The winning design as judged by The Plant People management and will put into action shortly.

The Competition Winners

Two designs stood out from the many designs submitted. The winning yard layout designs were produced by Maria Hohaia, from our Indoor Plants division, and Oleg Kocalenko from the Landscape division (pictured above). The best of their two plans will be combined to develop an all-new “super yard” for The Plant People.

Congratulations to Maria and Oleg!

Stay tuned for updates as Maria and Oleg’s combined yard design starts to take shape.

The Yard Before: Congested and Lacking Flow

Construction In Progress