Ecological Restoration

Specialised people, specialised equipment even for remote locations

Ecological Restoration is a complex process of reverting a degraded, damaged or destroyed natural habitats and reviving the ecosystem services that the original system provided.

Over time, many of New Zealand’s ecosystems have deteriorated due to a historic over-exploitation of our natural resources and poor understanding of our collective long-term impact on the environment. These processes have only been exacerbated by an ever-expanding population.

Fortunately, our contemporary attitude as a society has embraced the challenge of preventing further damage and indeed attempting to turn the tide of our environmental impact. There is a global realisation that Ecological Restoration provides an important piece of the overall conservation puzzle.

The Plant People’s expert environmental team are capable of working Ecological Restoration projects in remote parts of the country. All of the team is highly qualified in various fields of conservation science. They use specialist equipment to ensure the project is delivered efficiently and to the highest standard. With these in mind, we are sure that The Plant People are actively contributing to keeping New Zealand on the front foot in our efforts to restore and rejuvenate our natural habitats.

Recent Ecological Restoration Projects: