One of our longer, ongoing projects is the work being done in Pegasus Town. Involving the whole of The Plant People team, work on this project began in December 2008, and continued when ownership of the development was transferred to Todd Properties.

Built around a feature lake, extending to the shores of Pegasus Bay, Pegasus Town is home to a thriving, vibrant community. It’s a pristine town featuring a championship golf course, natural wetlands and a well-established infrastructure.

The Plant People‘s civil team have been working on platforms, constructing swales and tree pits thoughout the various stages, and our construction team are busy laying paths, erecting play grounds and building fencing. The Plant People‘s gardening team are responsible for mulching, planting and maintaining the gardens, reserve areas, as well as setting up irrigation. Our mowing crew are doing their bit to keep the town looking ship shape, mowing swales, empty lots and reserve areas.

While the work here is slowly coming to an end, there are still a few exciting developments in the plans, and for The Plant People, ongoing mowing and maintenance of Pegasus Town.

Take a look at some photos of a reserve recently created in the final stages of Pegasus Town between Stages 12 and 13.