Our Auckland Landscaping team has been working hard across the region recently, from Maraetai in the south to Long Bay in the north. Here we have compiled a snapshot of some of the projects we’ve had underway.

Part 2

In this Part 2 of our two-part special feature we review our contributions to a number of stormwater ponds as well as a stream diversion for Oakley Creek.

Oakley Creek Stream Diversion

For Well Connected: Those in the know are aware of the 15km long Oakley Creek which runs through Auckland’s western suburbs from Mt Roskill to Waterview. The Oakley Creek Walkway provides a diversion from Suburbia and into a lost world featuring birdlife, native bush and a waterfall. The Plant People have created a diversion of their own: one of the first stream diversions to the Oakley creek for the construction of the tunnel.

Maraetai Stormwater Ponds

For Neils Construction: Located in Maraetai Heights, The Plant People have designed and implemented these stormwater ponds.

Penihana Stormwater Ponds

For Neils Construction: Teaming up with Hick Brothers in Swanson, Auckland, The Plant People have provided landscape installation services for the newly created Penihana stormwater ponds. Our works dovetailed with Hick Brothers’ contract to provide soils and rocks works for the ponds.

Ormiston Stormwater Ponds

For Todd Property / Auckland Council: Situated within Ormiston Town Center, which is currently in development in Auckland’s south, The Plant People have provided mulch and tree planting services for the stormwater ponds. Hick Brothers’ are the head contractor for this work.