The Plant People were part of raising $6500 for Diamond Harbour Cricket Club, here is a lovely letter we received …

Dear Rhonda,

First of all, Thank you to The Plant People for sponsoring questions at our quiz night and helping make the event so successful. We managed to raise a whopping $6,500 which we plan to put to great use. The money has been earmarked for a couple of major projects. We are planning to have an artificial wicket laid at the Diamond Harbour School and put a removable net in there and some of the money will be put aside for that. The other major initiative is the employment of a cricket coach who will coach all children at the school in years 3 through to 8. Each year group will have a 45 minute training session that will also involve the class teacher. He will work one full day a week coaching. The coach will also spend time preparing the cricket wickets at our domain for next season for both the junior and senior teams.

On the quiz night we used the younger members of the club to collect the quiz team’s answers and refer them back to the quiz masters to scrutinize the answers and add up the totals. It was an extremely well supported event with over 140 contestants and about 20 helpers on the night which made it run very smoothly.

The Quiz Master on the night, Bob Masefield, did a fantastic job and the questions received much praise. Bob requires special mention because he has held quizzes for the past 20 years, raising over $200,000 for various groups all over Canterbury and the effort that he puts in would surely deserve a public accolade. The club is extremely fortunate to have someone like Bob as a member.

Diamond Harbour Cricket Club is the last of the 9 teams that used to exist on Banks Peninsula.

The competition used to be fiercely contested by Wainui, Kaituna, Akaroa, Little River, Awaiti, Le Bons Bay, Duvauchelles and Allandale. Unfortunately farming practises changed and the need for the labour dried up, children went into town to get a better education and players that were running the farms started to age. The competition went from 9 teams to 6 then to 3 over the space of 8 years. Unfortunately it was the same for the other Canterbury Country Cricket Associations so the 3 clubs decided to merge with the remaining clubs in the Ellesmere and Malvern districts to form what was known as the Country South Competition. That Competition lasted 6 great years until 2013 It was decided to merge all Country senior A teams into the Canterbury Country combined competition which involves travelling to places like Glentunnel, Southbrook, Leeston, Lincoln, Weedons, Amberley just to name a few.

Once again Rhonda Thank the company on our behalf.
I look forward to speaking to you guys in the future.

Kind Regards,
Mark Pearson. ( Secretary)