“No finer setting for a dignified and moving funeral service than in our beautifully landscaped gardens and well-maintained grounds.”

Across many different cultures, we choose to bury our dead for universal reasons. In part, it is a sign of respect. Moreso it is to provide a place where loved ones can spend time in peaceful solace, to reflect on their memories of those who have passed.

Given the reverence we place on the function of our cemeteries with regards to the living, it is of the utmost importance that we maintain these spaces to the highest standards.

The Plant People are proud to play a role in the grounds maintenance and presentation at one of our community’s most picturesque cemeteries, Purewa, located in the heart of the Auckland suburb of Meadowbank.

Purewa translates as buoyant. The word illustrates the theme of the ground’s plantings, and supports the aim of Purewa’s guardians to provide an environment that is uplifting in a time of loss and sadness.

At the entrance to Purewa’s main building, you will find pockets of ferns, the spear-like dietes (a type of South African iris) and rosemary, which of course symbolises remembrance. When in flower, rosemary features small, mauve-coloured petals which perfectly complement the dietes (also known as butterfly iris).

With rustic timber cladding, dark steel elements and tinted glass, the office building that houses the Purewa Cemetery Trust Board is beautifully in keeping with its park-like surrounds.

Here you will find tall rose bushes towering over native shrubbery. Perfectly elegant with their brilliant white flowers, the roses are in full bloom now (late Spring) and will remain so through to Autumn.

Throughout the cemetery itself, mature native and exotic trees provide shelter from the weather and offer a sense of privacy to visitors. The cemetery grounds are maintained by Purewa’s onsite staff.

“There is possibly no finer setting for a dignified and moving funeral service than in our beautifully landscaped gardens and well-maintained grounds. Indeed, such aesthetic surroundings provide a fitting memorial to a loved one.” – www.purewa.co.nz/about/

Commercial Garden Maintenance

Having installed these gardens at Purewa, they are now maintained by The Plant People. Our commercial garden maintenance team perform planting, weeding and general garden maintenance tasks to ensure Purewa’s gardens are looking their best, year-round.

For when commercial garden maintenance is critical to your organisation, you can rely on our garden maintenance team to ensure your property is showcased at its very best.