The Plant People hosted a breakfast on March 13 for our staff, to recognise their high standards in health and safety in the workplace. Our division managers were on cooking duties.


  • Estefania – Good H&S suggestion
  • Terangihiroa – Good H&S suggestion
  • Robert Churchill & Team – Going the extra mile with public

5 Years of Service:

  • Peter Alloway
  • Gaston Marsters
  • Gordon Shephard
  • Reece Gabriel
  • Haami Te Maro

5 Years of Service:

  • Tolu Dale
  • Vinesh Nand
  • Alessandro Meda
  • Hamish White

10 Years of Service:

  • Jason Higgott
  • Heath White

Star Award in H&S:

Estefania Ravulcaba (11 Stars)

Appreciation Award:

  • Pita – Ensuring the coffee machine is filled and cleaned for all the staff