As we say Goodbye to a warm and long-lasting autumn, we take flight to get a snapshot of what the season looks like for our Landscape Maintenance Division at St John’s College.

Earlier in the year, we highlighted the work our Commercial Landscape Maintenance division was doing at St John’s College. The summer season saw their roses in full bloom and lush trees flush with green leaves. The scene looks stunning against cloudless blue skies.

Fast-forward to autumn. The day-to-day tasks that our landscape maintenance team are completing have been altered to cater to the season of change.

The property dates back well over a century-and-a-half and features stands of mature trees. Mixed in with the evergreen macrocarpa and other coniferous trees you’ll find a grand old oak headline a variety of deciduous trees. As their leaves turn from green to yellow to amber, the scene at St John’s becomes quite different but no less striking.

The Plant People play an important role in ensuring this picture postcard scenes remain at their most presentable. Of course, along with the splendid autumnal colours comes seemingly unending leaf litter. Our team has spent much if it’s time clearing leaves from pathways, car parks and the grounds at large.

Our landscape maintenance services extend beyond clean-up work. A vital aspect at this time of year is pruning and trimming of the other shrubs and gardens around campus. With care and expertise, we have been busy with the hedge trimmer, shears and secateurs. During the autumn months, this maintenance work serves two functions: general beautification as well as preparing the plants for the cold winter months ahead, where growth goes into hibernation mode.

A regular programme of lawn mowing provides the icing on the cake. As you can see from the aerial shots, the grounds look picture-perfect at St John’s College.

Our commercial landscape maintenance division offers an experienced and a highly skilled team capable of keeping your grounds look their best year-round.