St John’s College dates back more than 170 years, so caring for the grounds at this historically significant site takes on a special meaning for our team.

The Plant People maintain the grounds at College of St John the Evangelist, which spans three hectares across the East Auckland suburb of St Johns. Still standing on the property is one of the original buildings, now known as the Waitoa Room, built in 1846.

The grounds boast many different garden beds which border the various collegiate buildings, scattered across the sprawling property. You’ll find a blend of native trees and shrubs mixed in with exotic flowering plants.

Many varieties of standard and carpet roses are a prominent feature of the gardens. These classic garden beauties originate from the Northern Hemisphere but with the right environment and careful maintenance, they can display prolific and spectacular blossom for up to five months of the year.

The roses are a nod to the College’s English roots. There is one very special rose that has held residence in the chapel garden for many years. Read more here.

There are wide open grassed areas, too, that require careful year-round turf maintenance and mowing so that they always look their best.

And it’s not just the buildings that are old at St John’s College. You’ll find a grand old oak tree standing tall and broad at the edge of the property, while three ancient macrocarpas greet you at the entrance. Some of these trees date back as old as the property itself; more than 170 years.

Our services to the College include garden maintenance, landscaping, planting, contract lawn mowing and turf maintenance.