It’s our policy at The Plant People to ensure that our team always has access to reliable, up to date equipment.

Whether it’s a six-wheeler vehicle or right down to the hand tools that our garden maintenance division work with every day.

Speaking of which, Michelle and Tim from our Auckland maintenance team are pictured below using their Stihl FS 90 R brushcutter. Designed for commercial applications, it comes with Stihl’s 1-point anti-vibration system which makes for a more pleasant working experience. And at 0.95 kW it has the power to attack the relentless spring/summer growth with ease!

In the middle photograph you see Michelle and Tim tending to star jasmine, a vigorous climber that requires regular care to ensure that continues to look its best. Sharp tools and nimble, green fingers are needed to tame this Asian native.

The Plant People took over the contract to maintain the grounds at St John’s College over four years ago. The previous contractor would simply spray the edging which resulted in an unsightly bare strip of dirt about four inches wide, all around the paved pathways. Our team go the extra mile and hand-cut these edges so that the grass grows right up to the hard landscaping.

It’s this dedication to a quality work environment and quality workmanship that is a big part in why Michelle and Tim enjoy being one of The Plant People.

You can see these two in action at locations across the city, including St John’s Theological College and Puwera Cemetery.