Our Construction and Landscaping Divisions have a number of landscape projects underway at some of Auckland’s most high-profile residential developments.

You may have heard recent radio advertising promoting Waiata Shores. The Plant People have provided landscape construction services for Waiata Shores in the form of parks construction as well as commercial landscaping for the new Songbird cafè.

Built on the former Manukau Golf Course, north of Conifer Grove, this residential development borders Pahurehure Inlet toward the eastern reaches of the Manukau Harbour. Fletcher Living homes for sale at Waiata Shores now.

The Plant People’s input at Waiata Shores extends to the landscaping of individual sites. Our Auckland Commercial Residential Landscaping Division is tasked by Fletchers to prepare each section for market once the new home construction has been completed. Waita Shores is just one of a number of new developments we’re working on right now.

Darren Soo, project manager at Fletcher Living, has been teaming up with The Plant People over the last three years on a number of Fletcher’s development projects. “Nothing’s ever a problem with The Plant People,” says Darren. “They’re always very responsive and happy to accommodate change where required.”

It’s these qualities that maintains a strong relationship between Fletcher Living and The Plant People.

Playground Construction, Park Development & Songbird Cafè Landscaping

Fletcher Living hosted a family fun day at the park on March 24, where the Songbird Cafè provided some sweet treats for those young and old who came to enjoy the park. The team at Songbird are loving their “STUNNING outdoor dining area,” and are now open for business. “We are so proud of this beautiful space. Across the front of our car park we have a stunning living wall being install filled with beautiful bright greenery to compliment our building.” – Songbird Cafè.

Our latest playground construction project had its first big workout at the open day, as kids flocked to the towers, slides and swings. Our Construction team have built the playground, together with the hard landscaping installations. The surrounding soft landscaping has been completed by our Landscaping Division.

Making An Entrance

Our Construction crew have built the entranceway for the Waiata Shores subdivision. Located right off Great South Road, and just south of Mahia Road, you’ll notice the prominent rockwall that leads you into Waiata Shores. On foot, you can follow the pathway past the stone wall and soak up the open green space that connects you to the playground, cafè and on into the residential development.

As well as the rockwall, The Plant People have completed the installation of the rustic, steel archways, boardwalks and bridges for the park.

Stormwater Pond Construction

The stormwater pond (or rain garden) at Waiata Shores plays an important ecological role. Built by The Plant People, the pond captures rainwater runoff from the subdivision. And planted wisely with New Zealand wetland species, the rain garden will filter and cleanse the water before it reenters the waterways and eventually makes its way down into the neighbouring Manukau Harbour.

Cleverly integrated with the park, you’ll find the stormwater pond becomes an attraction for Waiata Shores residents to enjoy as well as the wildlife who now call Waiata Shores their home. It’s all about creating balance with our human impact on Auckland’s environment and ensuring there are natural habitats to sustain our wildlife into the future.